You Are Our Priority

As an independent insurance agency, we aren’t pressured to sell the product of the month or driven to meet parent-company goals. ¬†We choose to represent a wide variety of companies to enable us to match your personal insurance needs to the best and most affordable insurance products available.

About Us

Commonwealth Insurance Brokers came together from a group of captive insurance agents realizing the necessity of offering more than one option to our clients. As independents, we recognized that we needed to align our goals with the goals of our clients.  Offering a varied choice of products was the only way do this, while providing the best coverage for the money.

Financial Management

We are often asked to help our clients with financial planning and management. We are insurance experts and demonstrate everyday the importance of being specialized in order to thoroughly know and understand the insurance products we recommend.

We really appreciate your staying on top of our insurance needs and giving us so many options!