About Us

Commonwealth Insurance Brokers came together from a group of captive insurance agents realizing the necessity of offering more than one option to our clients. As independents, we recognized that we needed to align our goals with the goals of our clients.  Offering a varied choice of products was the only way do this, while providing the best coverage for the money.

Having been in business since March of 2010, our vision is that  every individual, family and business thoroughly understands the coverage their current and prospective insurance choices offer. Realizing the most important awareness is what the coverage will not provide.

Our mission is to be your insurance advocate … from comparison, to selection, through the eventual claims made over the years of your contract.

Most of us won’t remember the details of our policy until our claim occurs. It is at that point, we will be there, to support, to explain, and to communicate on your behalf with the insurance providers.